Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage by Joel Therien – Is This Another Blatant Scam?

In a word: YES, with a little explanation:Pure Leverage Review

Product Name is indeed: Pure Leverage
$24.95 + $19.95/mth, $141.90/mth
Joel Therien
Recommended: No
Verdict: There are Some Products and Tools BUT Lots of Upsells!

Pure Leverage, Another Pyramid?

Essentially what you get, not for $24.95 ( it DOES start there) but as much as $141.90!:

The sales page states that this is THE program you need as it contains all of the tools you will ever need, along with all of the upsells that programs of this nature always seem to offer and imply that you need in order to get the most out of the program.

Pure Leverage, authored by Joel Therien, under the mantel of GVO or Global Venture Opportunities, offers all of the training and tools, some of which were not even available when he started accepting payments!

You must purchase all of the tools and training before you can make money from selling them. This is part and parcel of a downline/powerline structure. The products and services have to do with Video; Video emailing systems, Landing pages, Video Conferencing and auto-response services, all of which it is nice to have when promoting products and services you would like to be doing, going forward.

One of the problems is the quality of the products and services and the purposes for which they are designed to be used. Everything is set up to promote Pure Leverage and is not set up for any other promotions! Because of the need to bring more and more people into the program under you to make any money, this creates a fairly fake demand for these services.

Again, that may not be a totally bad thing except for the fact that the training, services and products have not been updated as technology has improved these in other locations throughout the Internet.

Let’s look at some of the Pros and Cons to get a good picture of this program:


  1. There is an A – Z guide provided.
  2. The cost, in the beginning, is lower than many other schemes of this nature.


  • The claim is that a commission of 100% is paid out. The small print tells you that only for the top level members does this happen. This is a shaky, borderline scammy practice in and of itself.
  • The ‘powerlines’ and ‘upsells’ are quite foggy, to say the least.
  • Some program parts are not available but are listed, so, why list them?
  • A lot of the reviews of this program are filled with fake claims and, misstatements which are frankly, lies.

With the Cons outweighing the Pros, along with the rest of the explanation, you will begin to realize what will happen if you join Pure Leverage. You will be joining for the sole purpose of promoting it which is NOT a way to create a sustainable business. For earning money in a sustainable and honorable way, you need a service that will work with you to promote many streams of income.

Who are the targets this Scheme is aimed at? (Yes, Scheme)

Any Marketer, no matter what their knowledge or experience in the Industry, should be able to benefit from this program, it is implied. It really does not stack up that way, however.

Since there is no REAL product to market, the main reason for people to sign up is to promote memberships. But the confusing way that the payout process is drawn makes any person looking at it wonder what, exactly, the main purpose of the program really is.

The ‘powerline’ structure of the program is shown below. The literature states that you get 100% commission on those joining under you. That would be nice if it works out that way. What happens is you really only get 100% on the first month of the first referral.

Here is the Pure Leverage ‘powerline’ structure breakdown:

Pure Leverage Payment Structure

The purpose of this product, as you can see, is to sell the program, itself. This means a manipulated demand is created just like many other MLM schemes that pop up This means the way to make money is to sell the same thing to others, regardless of whether or not the products are inferior or more expensive than other products that exist online.

The Majority Of Complaints Come From The Actual Quality Of The Services Provided

Pure Leverage offers the following tools :

  • The Elite Program for coaching: Attraction Marketing is the model used and, again this is designed and tilts toward promoting Pure Leverage. The downline/powerline structure requires new members, under you, each month rather than encouraging people to join a suite of quality tools and services.
  • The Lead Capture Page system: Again, it helps you promote Pure Leverage and not something that may actually help others make money, along with yourself. The provided follow up email series is written with Pure Leverage in mind and, since emails at this point are meant to build a relationship, They need to come from you as a way of earning that trust, not some emails manufactured wholesale and used for all members in their efforts.

Without knowing how to build out websites, whether traditional sites or WordPress blogs, members do not understand the nature of traffic and they are not going to be able to attract a quality following and not knowing the principles of this, they are forced to use expensive advertising.

  • You do get your own blog, however, it is set up and populated with materials that promote, you guessed it: Pure Leverage! Not only this but without knowing how to build a website and all of the nitty gritty that goes into it, you are ill served when it comes time to create your own when you do get away from Joel and his program. Since the blog does not rate very well with the search engines, you have to go with expensive advertising and all for the benefit of Pure Leverage.

Reliability issues, as far as the hosting is concerned are legend as a few complaint will show:

  • Turbo Traffic Generation – Getting traffic requires that you build the websites you use properly in order to be ‘seen’ and appreciated by the search engines. Pure leverage talks to people who have no knowledge of traffic and talk about things like “Alexa Rank” which does not have a lot to do with SEO or rankings. It also does not have a lot of ‘street cred’ in getting noticed by Google, Bing, Yahoo or others.Pure Leverage boasts that they can help you achieve this ranking and all will be well.Turbo Traffic - Alexa Huh?

Not only that, as of this review, this system was not even available!

The Video Email and Live Meeting Room are two tools that are available elsewhere, some free or very reduced and they can be used like tools should be used: For everything that you want to promote or do NOT just for Pure Leverage as the system sets it up for you!

Video Emails have been sent for quite a while are very effective if used properly and, since there have been complaints concerning the delivery rates, this is a tool that can be subscribed to, elsewhere, with corresponding cost savings and more flexibility.

The live Meeting room has nothing on the FREE Google hangout account you can get right here. That does not even mention Gotowebinar that has been out there and largely issue free for years.

For support, you may be disappointed

The support staff is well known for not offering what you might believe is adequate attention to detail.

They are often defensive if challenged on anything and they send an inordinate number of emails to try and get you to upgrade to another level:

In fact, a real feedback, shown below indicates customer service at one its worst:

Support is a big part of any system, so tread carefully when you see a trend of complaints about a particular product or service.

The Price of Pure Leverage? Yes, it can Start at $24.95 but, wait, there’s more!

OK, tools and services, a commission system that is not at all that it is cracked up to be and the many upsells makes you wonder what you got at each level for the money you paid for that! $24.95 turns into $44.90 and then into $141.90 EACH AND EVERY MONTH!

What to think of Pure Leverage:

Pure Leverage is a way for Pure Leverage to make some money, but not you!

Name: Pure Leverage
Price: $24.95 +$19.95/mth, $141.90/mth
Owners: Joel Therien

Verdict: A lot of tools and training that has not kept up with technology and information that is useless for gaining the knowledge and experience for truly making a business on the Internet. This is a scam because it offers things that are not truly helpful!

DO NOT fall for this as there is a program that will cost you $nothing to get started and you will never have to upgrade unless you want to for the expanded opportunities and then, it is NOT $141,90 a month!

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