PLR items : Good For you?


Is PLR Content Good For You?

You have probably heard of PLR content. If not, it stands for Private Label Rights and is material that has been written by someone else and sold to be used by you. The author, for the most part, has relinquished all rights to it and has indicated what rights they are selling (or giving, in some cases) away.

This helps marketers who can not write, do not have time to write or simply do not want to write when they need plenty of content for advertising, websites or blog posts. It is handy for this reason and usually not too costly.

There are, however, problems that can crop up, so some careful considerations must be paid to them before you decide you want to use this material.

Let’s list the pros, then go into the cons:

PLR articles are inexpensive, for the most part,

Can be found on all sorts of subjects,

Are often written optimized for certain keywords or keyword phrases, which is good

Can be found in many locations all across the Internet.

One of the reasons I know so much about this subject is that for many years I wrote some of this material for others. That is one way that I know about the CONS that are inherent in the use of these items:

Many of these items are not written by writers who have English as their first language. This causes some problems with sentence structure, misused words & punctuation as well as grammar issues that will detract from the overall impression that is given to the reader.

One of the very big problems that run rampant throughout the Internet is the badly written material that is out there. If you want to get someone interested in you, your business and your product and/or service(s) you need to be able to present this information to them in an easily readable way so you are not insulting their intelligence simply by being on your website.

Quite a few of these articles deal with only a basic development of the subject of the piece. This may be fine if that is all you need, however, you really want to educate your readers and fill them in on the benefits of your product or service or help them see the problems they may have without taking advantage of your services.

You may not have the specific rights granted to you for what you want to do with this material. Ann example would be if the author gives you the rights to give it away, but NOT to sell it! You may be able to sell it but NOT under a specific price point. You may be able to give or sell it but you can not break it up and use it as an email series…

Getting past all of the mechanical issues with the PLR, there are also the issues with Search Engine love, or not, given to them.

The example that can be given is a package of PLR articles or emails sold to many people across the globe. There will be many who will simply publish them verbatim. Some marketers will rewrite a few of them and some will break the longer ones into smaller portions and publish them as a small e-book. Let’s use this information and look at what you want to do.

The reason you build and post a lot of information – read words – on a website is because you want to create and present an authority site. This is what the Search Engines are looking for. There needs to be quality information with plenty of the keywords that people are looking for, related to your subject (passion).

If you are posting the same material, NOT JUST THE SAME CONCEPTS, but the same WORDS as someone else, your words can be considered Duplicate Material and the search engines will ignore your website when they present the surfer with their results page; they could penalize your website and this means they do not like it and will downgrade it and can, quite often, block your website from consideration.

There are some PLR brokers who limit the number of copies they sell of certain pieces and this costs much more than their regular ‘stock’ pieces. This helps reduce the possibility that the above could happen, but it only takes a few of these to make all of your work go up in smoke as you can not get any attention paid to your websites if you are depending on the organic search engine results.

If you choose to go with PLR, take the follow precautions:

Check each and every one with This will help you see if it is already published. It is not absolutely definitive, however, it can help. (this tool costs 5 cents for each check with a minimum of $10.00 on deposit, but it is worth every cent!)

Completely rewrite each and every piece so that NO FOUR OR FIVE WORD STRINGS STAY unchanged. This is critical! Rewriting them paragraph by paragraph is the order of the day.

Do not use, IF YOU VALUE YOUR REPUTATION, an ‘article spinner’ program or service!

These are supposedly designed to take an article and ‘rewrite’ them by changing a lot, if not all synonyms, thus changing the look of the article. If you doubt me, try one of these out and see the trouble you have and the mess that results from it!

Change the order of any numbered lists.

Rebuild any quotes, using other methods of getting the same quotes broken up a bit differently.

Have a handy off or on-line thesaurus ready!

Still, after all of this, many marketers will still not use this material.

The big question is: Do you want to present something you did not write as your own when this information is what you are using to present you and your business to someone you do not know yet and would like to actually have a relationship with?

It is vital that when you write something, especially when you write as much as you do need to write, it should be in your own voice, not someone else’s.

For more information about PLR and its uses and misuses, check into my #1 Rated program for really making a place on the Internet and making a life for yourself, away from the place you may have been going to each day!


I hope the above information allowed you to understand Private Label Rights a little  more.  If not, or you would to ask a question or make a comment, please do so, below.  I will respond as quickly as possible!

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