Lawn Care Maintenance

I am sorry, but I have not built out this page, yet.

When I do, and this is happening a little bit more, every day, I will be talking about lawn care! Not only that but how you can make money from it!

It is a little different than when you were a kid, dragging your dad’s lawnmower down the street and it makes quite a bit more money, too!

There are a number of things you need to learn and understand as you enter this business, such as:

The types of mowers to rent or buy for your region.

The various patterns that make the yard shine and gives you bragging rights as well as a reputation that will be hard to beat.

You will need to know about how to find the best clients and how to close more sales than anyone else and Daniel Pepper has written THE book that will help you with this and many more items that simply have to be dealt with and I will be introducing you to it, well, OK, here it is:

Click on the image to see what we will be talking about when I get this page written the right way! OR, come back to this page later to see what I come up with!