I want to fire My Boss, Now what?

You Might Be Asking Yourself: How Can I Fire My Boss?


You have been working for the same boss for a number of years and the job just doesn’t have the same power to compel you to stay loyal that it used to have. You may be feeling that you are in a rut and it is time to strike out on your own, but, in order to do that, you have to answer that question:

How Can I Fire My Boss?


The first thing you need to think about is:

What can you do that people will want to pay you for? You might find that there is a lot of interest in what you are currently doing! It does not matter whether you are doing accounting, purchasing, contacting clients for your current boss or making PowerPoint presentations. It might be that you are cleaning windows, buildings or other things.


All of these tasks or services need to be done by someone and, if you market yourself right, it could be you that does it. You can make the money that people are willing to pay for this to be done. When you have finally said to yourself: “I want to fire my boss”, you are ready to begin the process!


If you are thinking about doing something that involves your body and mind, you will need to concentrate on getting those things you need to accomplish those task. You will need to gather the tools you need and knowledge about how to use them. You might decide that being a handyman is a great way to make money, feel good about yourself and help others. There is a great and growing need for this type of service person because of the costs involved in hiring a commercial company to do this. You can also do some of the smaller jobs that the big guys do not want to mess around with.

If you are thinking that the best thing for you to do is on the Internet, you could be right. There is a lot of money being made by smart people (like you) providing the best information to others that can make them want what you are promoting. Let’s look at some of the options:

You can sell something you make, such as jewelry, T-shirts, and crafts through such platforms as eBay and Craig’s List.

You can sell something you wrote, such as a program, ebook or software to help others solve a problem they have. OR,


You can promote things that others provide to you for this purpose and get a commission when you make a sale!


This is called Affiliate Marketing and it has made more millionaires, around the world, than any other industry! This is something you just absolutely must check out!


Gaining permission from these owners is fairly easy to do and joining their Affiliate Program is free. Promoting their products and services can be learned, easily and you can be making money for your efforts before you know it.


In order to take a good look at one of the best free programs available, one that will support you, train you and connect you with many thousands of others doing the same thing, just go here for a complete Wealthy Affiliate review and the take a good look at some of the other pages in this website.


So, say to yourself: “I want to fire my boss” and then go to the Wealthy Affiliate review and begin to take charge of your life!

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  1. This is great! I love the snarky feel it had to it, but yet serious side of real life also. You kept it at a happy medium so as not to sound over dramatic and too scammy. Very well written!

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