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One of the things you can always depend on is the ability of people to make their homes and offices dirty! This happens every day and there is no real way to stop it. The only thing home and business owners can do is to hire someone (this could be YOU) to come in and clean all of this mess up on a regular basis.

Many small cleaning businesses are operated by just one or two people, working together to ‘clean up’ a lot of profits. You can begin this process by using equipment and small hand tools that you can find around the house or from local janitorial supply houses that are located in just about every city or town.

Just think: By starting with a handful of items you already have, you can begin to clean houses or offices in a few days and start depositing checks in your bank account within a few weeks. You can use the profits to buy any other equipment and supplies you need as you go along.

You take what you know about cleaning and put that, along with some other hints and tips from a recognized expert in this field and get to work!

I would introduce you to the Instant Office Cleaning Kit by Sam Rodman.

In this 136 page eBook, you will discover how easy it can be to start a cleaning business and help it to grow to the point you want it to grow. You will read about:

  • Beginning with little or no money
  • Licensing and insurance info
  • Basic cleaning supplies and equipment you need
  • Routine cleaning lists and advanced route sheets
  • Monthly Billing: How to do it right
  • When is the best time to bill each month
  • Introduction letters, along with samples
  • Bid letters and follow-up samples
  • A Professional Service Agreement; Absolutely necessary for proper relations

Many, many more chapters that will take you by the hand and walk you through getting your first account that can then be repeated until you have all of the work you can do, yourself, and how to find, hire and manage employees for all of the rest.

Think about working a few hours a night, three to five nights a week and having the bills taken care of and leaving your daytime hours free to pursue, oh, I don’t know, maybe some affiliate marketing?

So, Who should buy this book?

  • If you are looking for a full-time income with part-time work, YOU need this!

  • If you like the idea of getting paid several times per week, YOU need this!

  • Do YOU want to increase YOUR income?

  • Do YOU like the idea of flexible working hours that YOU set?

Instant Office Cleaning Kit by Sam Rodman is the book you need!

2 thoughts on “House & Office Cleaning”

  1. Hi Mike,

    My friend and I just read an article of yours and she’s really keen now on getting her cleaning business going. She doesn’t have a computer and will be getting one soon.

    She just read your House & Office Cleaning and plans to purchase this eBook you’re talking about. It’s perfect for her to get her business started.

    Thanks again,

    1. Monica, I thank you for letting me know about your friend’s planned purchase. She will appreciate it and I think she will be putting herself on a self-realizing path to a great future! If I can help in any way, just come back and ask! I have been in this industry for more than 45 years and it can be fun and rewarding if you just let it!


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