Yes, Get Rid Of That Boss!


Run, Run as fast as you can!

Have You Really Asked Yourself: How Can I Fire My Boss?

Let’s explore this a bit more.

More people lose their jobs every month, especially here in the United States, than at almost any other time in the last 30 years. There are a lot of people that just get fed up with what’s going on at work and need to quit. Either one of these could be you. If you have already lost your ‘Day’ job, you don’t have that to deal with every day, so it might be time to consider the next step to take, which is to, first, ask how to make money at home online with what you know and can do.

That next step could be, well, anything, really!

What do you have a passion for? In years gone by, people starting work from home jobs by setting up a workshop and making things to sell. They made furniture, they repaired and/or refinished furniture. Some people have spent years learning how to accomplish this work through superior craftsmanship and making some good money at the same time

Some mow lawns or became handymen and women.

Home improvement is still a skill in which many men

and women take a lot of pride.

Some people who have the skills to sell themselves to other companies offer their services as outside consultants, doing the same things they used to do in their previous job. Many companies like to work with such independent contractors, because they do not have to deal with human relations or tax issues.

There is a large calling for all of these tasks and many people have made a good living out of them, however, somehow I think you clicked onto this site because you would like to look into how to make money online. (you can certainly stay cleaner than other work at home efforts!)

Passions can take many forms. If you can not (or do not want to) mow your neighbors’ yards, can you write about it? Can you talk about how to do it? Can you suggest just the right type of lawn mower and the absolute need for a bag, either rear or side and which one is the best for different situations? Can you help other people know about this business and how to make money at home for themselves? If this is the case, you can promote and receive a commission from every sale you make of a rake, a bag for certain hard to find for machines and/or any of an entire list of hand tools for taking care of the lawn, gardens and outdoor spaces.

If you do not want to get out and fix someone’s roof leak or tackle their plumbing, how about identifying the proper handyman’s tools and writing about how to repair various things around the house? If your passion is this type of work, creating a website that educates other people to do this and promotes all of the many tools that can be used, along with detailed instructions about each and every one of them, might be what would make you get up early every day and enjoy the time you spend on this and the money you can make helping others. Your imagination will make a longer list than I just did of things that can be promoted through your new website!

That consulting work can also be done through a website designed for that purpose. Making this for the purpose of educating your potential clients about why they need your bookkeeping, business management or human relations knowledge can set you up for more work. It does not matter whether the client is local and you need to travel there or around the world and all work can be handled on line. This opens up such options as video conferencing, webinars, and the potential for travel down the road. All of which can be charged for and books, training materials, and tools of the trade that can be promoted from Amazon and other e-commerce sites on the ‘Net.

Whatever your passion is, it can be developed and made into a business that, if you help others with, can make money online for you. There is a very large number of people, all around the world, that are interested in the same things you are. You could be the expert they need, right now, to help them do something they may be having trouble with.

One of the many activities that can be considered one of the many work from home jobs is selling things that make you a commission. That is what I have been talking about for the last few minutes. It has a name. This is called Affiliate Marketing and works very simply. You promote products and/or services that other people have already made or provide. This is accomplished through the presence of a website that you create. This website has a lot of information about how the products or services you promote will help the readers you attract.

All of that is not necessarily complicated, however, it must be done as nothing can be sold unless it is advertised. The simple part is that, when a visitor to your site buys the product or pays for the service, you get a commission for that sale! And you do not even have to store, ship or maintain the product or provide the service that someone else handles for you. This has actually turned into the best way to make money off the internet for many people looking to make money online.

When you get right down to it, anything can be sold over the Internet. Just take a look at Amazon! You will find small things and very large pieces of equipment. There are cheap, dime store items and jewelry costing into the tens of thousands of dollars. Did you know that, through your efforts, you could be promoting, or causing people to buy, many of those items through their Affiliate program? Does that get your imagination running, at all?

Please take a good look at the tabs in the left side of this page. There are those that can help you avoid scams and what to think about when building a website that will attract those interested people to your offers. There are others that will illustrate some of those scams out there, by name, as well as list some that are the cream of a very large crop of work from home businesses.

There is also the recommendation I make to everyone who asks me the question about the best ways to make money at home

Please make a comment, below, or on any other page on this site, if there is something I can help you achieve or if you simply want to leave a word or two about yourself!

7 thoughts on “Yes, Get Rid Of That Boss!”

  1. Hi, Mickey
    One of the reasons that I started to work for myself was; I don’t like someone as a boss to tell me what should I do.
    Then I decided to be my boss. I like to work for myself. I proud to work as my boss. The Wealthy Affiliate was the right place that I choose.

    But the important thing to start your own job is the passion that you described in your content. I like it and it’s inspiring for me again.


    1. Thank you for stopping by, my friend. My purpose is to help people understand there is more to life than just filling a chair, stool or spot on a processing line: You can make money for yourself, by yourself!

      Mickey Brundege

  2. Hey Mickey

    I enjoy reading yr great post! 🙂

    You are so right, when you have passion, you definitely can build a thriving business with yr passion. And because it is something you love, you will work harder at it.

    I like it when you said passions can take many forms, it is so true, if I cannot mow my neighbors’ yards, I can write and talk about it …

    Online scams are quite common nowadays, so it makes a lot of sense to do our research if we would like to find an legimate home based business.

    So, I am happy you are providing solutions for people who wish to start an online business, I am sure many people needs this kind of information and tips!

    I am glad I read yr great post on “Yes, Get Rid Of That Boss”! Keep up yr awesome work!

  3. This is a great post.

    Yes, it is true. Sadly, jobs are no longer a sure way of making money. Jobs are disappearing. And many are greatly affected by this.

    Luckily, the internet offers great answers. But only to those brave enough to have a good look and learn something new.

    I am glad I have found ways to make money online, but also, ways to help others get on board. That is an awesome realization.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing, Mickey.

    Great stuff.

    Keep up the great work!

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