Have You Ever Said: “I Want To Fire My Boss And Start A Janitorial Service!”

Yes, starting an office cleaning business is not glamorous, but it pays the bills in style and has for a great many people!

There are a great many people who like the idea of working to make things cleaner because they know that, just like the home they live in, all commercial buildings, as well as homes, get dirty every day.

You may be looking for something that can be done online and we’ll get to that in a few minutes, but, what about a business that can be started out of your own home, with most of the equipment and supplies coming from your own utility room?

As you look around, there are many commercial offices that need quality cleaning services, right in your own neighborhood, and you may as well be the one that makes the money for this work. You will find that several small offices can be cleaned each evening, which leaves your days free for other activities. Just doing that, rotating offices throughout a standard five night work week, could be more than enough for a lifestyle you used to have when you had to work for someone that did not appreciate what you did for them.

I used to work for the largest regional custodial contract cleaning company in Portland, Oregon, billing in the multiple millions each and every year and it all started with the owner walking down the street with a glass cleaning kit in their hand, followed by cleaning one office each week and growing from there.

You may not want or need your business to get this big but think of the potential.

There is, of course, more money to be made if and when you think about hiring extra cleaners for even larger amounts of work… The sky is, indeed, the limit.

All it takes is the ability to clean one room, one office, one cubicle, one set of restrooms, at a time.  When you start a janitorial service, that is all there is to it!

The only thing that remains, after you have said: “I am firing my Boss”, is to discover something that helps you understand what needs to happen to get set up for your first account!

You will need to understand quite a few things, some of them have probably already been running around your mind, right now, and others you can find out about fairly quickly.

Some of those important little things you will need to find out and understand will include:


  1. How much does it REALLY take to start this business (less than you may think!)
  2. License requirements. How about insurance?
  3. Basic supply and equipment lists
  4. What are the ROUTINE cleaning tasks?
  5. How to make the best bid that will get you the contract effectively
  6. Legal stuff like service agreement samples as well as all other letters needed
  7. Square foot estimating systems
  8. Time estimating systems
  9. Many other things such as the actual cleaning tips, hints and time-saving ideas that make this business an actual fun job when you know what to do and how to do it to the best of your abilities.
  10.  Maybe even how to juggle!

    To get a good idea about everything you need to know about starting an office or home cleaning business, take a good look at this page: Home & Office Cleaning.

    Now, you may have come to this website deciding that, in order to fire your boss, you would want to do something on the Internet because you have heard that there is a lot of money to be made by doing this.

    Well, there is! If you are tired of working for someone who does not appreciate what you do and you have a flair for computer work, you might be interested in working with Affiliate Marketing!

    The best recommendation I can make is to go to the page I have about Getting Started Online.

For information about a few other Offline business opportunities, please review: Getting Started Offline!

2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Said: “I Want To Fire My Boss And Start A Janitorial Service!””

  1. Hi Mike,

    There was actually a time I had thought about having my very own cleaning business. I’m one who likes to have a clean office. I have a friend who has been talking about setting up a cleaning service for businesses for a couple of years now and already does this on a part time job in the evening and so she has built up a clientele. In fact, she just read this and is seriously going to get this going as a full time business. She wants to be her own bos.

    Thanks MIke


    1. There is STILL plenty of room for a new cleaning business!

      It is truly one of the only recession-proof business opportunities and will be until people figure out they can actually clean up after themselves. (In about 100 years or so!)

      Thank you for stopping by, Monica! (and friend, of course!)

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