Keywords are critical


How Do I Find Keywords?

One of the biggest questions people have as they begin their quest for Internet Marketing fame and fortune is:

How Do I Find Keywords for my Website?

Before you take the RED pill and go down THAT rabbit hole, we need to look, first, at:

What, exactly, ARE keywords?

Yes, before you ask about how do i find keywords, you need to think about why keywords are so vital to the business you are thinking about creating. So:

Think about what you do when you are looking for something on the Internet.

Keywords and/or keyword phrases are those words you type into a search engine search box to find things you want to see. (if you came to this page straight from a search engine result page, you may have typed in the phrase ‘how do I find keywords’ because that is what I am optimizing this page for.) The other way you got here, of course, is you clicked on this page from one of the other pages on this website and that is fine, too!

In order for you to garner the attention of people looking for the stuff you are writing about, whether it is simply information about something or about products or services you are promoting, you need to find the right keywords and incorporate them into your writing.

So, How do I find keywords?

There are a number of tools that will help you in this task. Since you are needing to find some of the most popular keyword/phrases out there, you will need to use the power of the various search engines to help you because you are not going to be able to think of all of them, yourself.

Let us assume that you are writing copy for a plumbing company. You are promoting their services or you have a plumbing company and you are trying to attract people to your website.

You can start by going to the Google Adwords suggestion page. (the url for this is actually You will have to sign up for this free tool. All it takes is your name, email address, and a password. You will then be taken to a page that looks like you are starting a PPC program. We are not going to talk about a Pay Per Click program as that costs money and is beyond the purvue of this material as we are working with free or reduced tools.

When you get on this Google page, you will see the link that says:

‘Keywords Select your keywords’

All of the rest of the page, like I said has to do with setting up your first campaign and that is not what we are doing, here.

Click on the link that says: Select your keywords. A page will open that says: ‘Add around 15 – 20 keywords. Scroll down to the bottom of this box to locate “Enter more keywords separated by commas.”

Let’s look at our focus, which, as we established above, is plumbing services. Let’s start by entering the following words into that box:

plumbing services,




leaking pipes,

water heater repair

and see what we have. After you enter these press the ‘add’ button.

(follow with me, here, and you can get to your actual keywords after to see how this works.)

What you will find is all of the words or phrases you entered and how many times those keywords were searched in the last month. What I get, as I am typing this is:

plumbing services 18100 More like this

plumbing 450000 More like this

plumbers 450000 More like this

leaking pipes 1600 More like this

water heater repair 14800 More like this


Now, all of these are actually fairly good numbers; They indicate that most of them are searched for at least 14,000 times per month. If you want people to become attracted to your material, you want to get in on some of these numbers!

Here is the BIG problem:

You have found a bunch of keywords (you can press the button that says ‘More like this’ and get additional keywords. Phrases that include this phrase and can find a LOT more if you want. They will populate into the box below the ones you entered.)

The problem is: they are popular but how many websites are dealing with them? How many websites are using those keywords to attract readers/clients/customers that you will have to compete with?

You can discover this in a couple of ways and we’ll go through one of them, right here:

Go to Google and enter your first keyword phrase in the search box this way:

plumbing services” You will see, at the top of the page, all of the results Google has found for this term. (As I type this, that number is 4,830,000 results (0.70 seconds)!

That is certainly a LOT of websites to compete against, isn’t it? Yes, it is, but you really do not have to complete against that many. Let’s scroll down to the bottom the LAST page of results. You will find the following:

In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 377 already displayed.
If you like, you can 
repeat the search with the omitted results included.

THAT means THERE ARE ONLY 377 WEBSITES THAT HAVE THE KEYWORD PHRASE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN THEM, not 4 million of them! That clears up a lot of them right off the bat.

Now, if you use this keyword and write authoritatively about plumbing services, you have a LOT less competition.

You want keywords/phrases that have less than 400 results and actually, getting the true competition down to less than 100 is absolutely great for attracting targeted surfers to your site.

So, let’s take a look at another tool that will do all of the above work (getting to the end of the search engine results and helping you find quality keywords with low competition.)

The best program I have seen for helping to create websites that provide information and promote things such as affiliate products OR your own products or services is:

Wealthy Affiliate and, with it, there are many tools and training. See a complete detailed review, here. I also want you to see a training module that deals with exactly what we are talking about, which is:

How do I find keywords? Just go here and spend a few minutes being informed about keywords, keyword research and an extremely easy way to find the high search, low competition words and phrases you need for your websites. This will take through a keyword tool that is part of your membership in this large community of helpful, organized and high motivated people who are making money and creating wealth the right way.

You will find how easy it is to do the keyword research that is critical and how Wealthy Affiliate can help you accomplish this!