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You may be asking the question:

Can I Make My Own Web Page?

There will actually be a lot of questions you may ask when the subject of building websites is brought up. Several of them, of course, will have to do with costs and complexity. Some of these Can I Make My Own Web Page questions will be:

1) What do I have to do?

2) Where do I have to go?

3) Do I have to learn some computer language?

4) Do I have to write things?

5) Wouldn’t it be easier if I just hired a company to build one for me?

The answers to these questions are:

1) Read ON!

2) Read ON!

3) NO!

4) Well, Yes, but it is actually easier than you might think!

5) Probably, but why spend all of that money when you can build your own website using WordPress and knowing that what you are creating is YOURS!

Yes, there are a number of things that must be done in order to gain a presence on the Internet.

No, none of these things are difficult to do, otherwise there would not be over 30 Billion, (with a B) websites out on the information superhighway like there is right now.

WordPress is a website building and management system that is free and available to all who wish to take advantage of it. It is a very flexible platform for creating what are known as Blogs. Many of the sites you look at every day are created and hosted by WordPress. You can join in this very popular way of presenting information to the world.

You will find that there are certain things that must be included on any website to ensure visitors’ education and their continued, lengthy visitations. None of these, again, are particularly hard to do, yet they really must be done.

Everything that is done must allow the website to:

Load quickly – people will click off of a site if it takes very long to load!
Be navigated easily – finding what they have clicked onto the site to see must be available within two clicks of any other material.

Be educational – You are building this website to make money or, at least, to make a point about something. The copy must be easily readable by any visitor to ensure they understand what the purpose of the site is and what they need to do in order to take care of one of their problems. This is what has made the Internet the best for this.

Look professional with a design that compares to the best you have seen.

Uses a CMS – This is a Content Management system, such as the WordPress platform.

If you can accomplish the above things, you will be in the best position to be a successful online business. Obviously, the first thing you need is that free platform and I recommend WordPress. You can have a website up and operating within a very few minutes if you simply CLICK HERE, enter a domain name and click: “Build My Free Website!”

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I am going to let you take a look at this free video and check out all of the information it presents to you about creating your own website, for free.

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Those three steps get you on the Internet and starts the process of making you an authority on whatever it is you are doing, selling, promoting or encouraging support of.

So, Can I Make My Own Web Page?

The definite answer is: Yes and it can be fun and educational!

Do you have any questions about what in on this page? Leave a comment on this page or, get a hold of me at my Wealthy Affiliate Profile page, here.