Avoiding Scams

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No matter what anyone says, and they will say anything, there are scams out there on the Internet. These are programs that, no matter how much money you pay them, and you will, they will not live up to what they promise.

You can recognize some of the scams without knowing anything about them by the words they use on the website.

Anytime they guarantee you something, they are looking to take you for whatever membership fee they charge and that is all that will happen. Any money you make on the Internet is based on the knowledge you have, the advertising you place and the work you put into it. Since the program that tells you they guarantee something to you does not know you, does not know how you work and can not know what type of effort you can put into whatever program they are promoting, they can’t guarantee anything!

Any promotion that tells you any of the following will only take money from you and will also only make excuses, if you can get hold of them, about the lack of earnings.

Most of these will not have any kind of active contact link for you and the email may or may not even be available or monitored if it is:

Make $(?)000,000 in the next month!

Make $ (any amount) overnight!

Invest and set back while we do it all! (or something similar)

Set It Up And Forget About It!

If they do not tell you that you have to put in the work to make the money, you can rest assured they only want to take your money for something that will not work OR it will not work as advertised. A corollary to this is that the money paid does purchase something that is provided, but what it is is old, noneffective, not up to date or not able to be used because of something else must be done, first!

Having said all of that, I can list several specific programs that ARE scams.

This is not a full blown review of every one of them and I am not going to provide the URL for their sales page because I suggest you do not want them!

(One of the things you will find, as you may already have, is that when you are looking for “scams” on Google, you will find several listings that say they are telling you about a particular scam, however, somewhere in the content of that page, they have listed their affiliate URL!

If they are trying to warn you away, as the title of the pieces would have you believe, why are they wanting you to sign up through their affiliate link?

So, a couple of scams that should be kept away from:

Pure Leverage by Joel Therien – Is This Another Blatant Scam?


I will be looking at the following programs over the next couple of weeks, so, please come back and take a look at some other scams that are out there waiting for you.

Image result for scam images

My Coffee Shop Millionaire

Killer Content System

Success With Anthony


If there are other programs you would like a nonpartial look at, mention them in the comment section on this or any other page on this site.






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