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About Mickey

My name is Mickey Brundege and I would like to help you get the things you want in life. I propose that this is done through an examination of what types of opportunities are out there and getting a real good look at several of them, with an eye toward eliminating the scams that are there.

I have been working on the Internet, in various types of activities, all of them in an effort to make enough money so I could Fire My Boss! (I have spent the last 40 plus years in custodial work, from cleaner through operation manager of the largest regional company in the Portland, Oregon, Metro area.)

In 2002, I was introduced to this thing called the Internet and I was hooked. I have heard, as you are hearing, that many people make a lot of money through the Internet and I wanted to get my share. The little time I had left over from working, days and nights in some cases, I delved into it and immediately got overloaded with information. I spent many years on this relatively fruitless journey, however, I would not give up!

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I did not have any experience and I did not have any help.

                                                                                                                                I like to spend time outside

I did, however, have a dream that would not go away!

I knew that there was a lot of money ‘out there’ and I could not imagine that I would not be able to make some of it for myself.

Why shouldn’t some of it come my way?

I work as hard as anyone else and I have a growing family, so I needed to buckle down and make it on the “Information Superhighway”

So, I got to work, reading and looking into many different programs available and checking my own skill sets to determine what I was capable of doing.

The next several years went something like this:

Multilevel programs, one after another, were begun and abandoned.

Paid surveys were attempted and were also given up because many of them required you to make a purchase in order to get paid!

Throughout this entire time, I also dealt with a LOT of other things to make some money, just to keep the bill collectors at bay.

These tasks included such things as:

  • Woodworking
  • House cleaning
  • Foreclosure cleaning
  • Lawn Care
  • And even Worm farming!

There are many things that can keep a person busy and earning if you just put your mind to it! But I wanted to get on the ‘Net as quickly as possible because I was not getting any younger.

I finally decided that I wanted to market something that someone else has created. You will probably notice some of the ads that others have placed on some of your favorite websites. Tthe vast majority of these are Affiliate marketers promoting something to earn commissions from.

Affiliate marketing, if undertaken without a LOT of experience or professional training, was not the answer. I attempted this and was lost in all of the reading, planning, buying domain names and hosting companies’ bandwidth for my website to actually go live. I was spending more money to get all of the tools and not making any money to offset these expenses.

I will tell you that I had a good sense of what scams are. There are several easy ways of determining this, so I did not spend the amount of money that you may have heard others spending.

I then thought about what I could do to help others. I look at all of the websites and blogs out there and I see a lot of words! The Internet is the INFORMATION Superhighway, after all! I checked out the possibility of writing for those marketers who need all of these words to be formulated and needed them to look good.

I have spent the last six years writing for many article brokering companies. This, as you may have guessed, is not anything that can make anyone rich!

I also have worked as a guest blogger on many niche sites.

Not a lot of money seemed to come my way so that simply meant I was doing more wrong things than right things!

Then I discovered a program that wanted me to succeed as much as I wanted to succeed. You can tell they mean it because their system allows you to ‘use’ all of the tools, all of the training and all of the rest of this very social community to create a place on the Internet that is yours.

This company is called Wealthy Affiliate and I have been able to have all of the help, resources, and tools I need to get online and make the money that I have been looking for!

If you would like to join me here, I will make a firm promise to you:

I will help you to make the money you have been looking for!

At Wealthy Affiliate, there are a LOT of other marketers that stand by to help you as well.

To check out this opportunity, go to the tab, above, titled: Getting Started.

My name, again, is Mickey and my profile on Wealthy Affiliate is right here.

Remember, signing up is FREE and can stay that way until you have proven that it is the way to earn the money you want, then, and only then, get a premium account which is still very comfortable.


See you around the ‘Net or see you inside!




16 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Mickey,
    I am glad I met you on Wealthy Affiliate! It really is an amazing place full of interesting people and real training to teach us how to build a business. I love it!

    I like your story with real examples of things you tried that didn’t work!

  2. My exact journey. Been there done that. But we believed there was a spot on the internet to achieve success. I too am now a member of Wealthy Affiliate! Keep up the faith because you now have all the tools to achieve.
    Great domain name and great topic!

  3. Hi Mickey,
    Great title, looks like you have finally got rid of the boss – Congrats!

    I know you’re going to settle into Wealthy Affiliate with ease after writing so many articles and stepping in as a guest blogger. You are half way there.

    Just work through the course step by step and implement what’s shown into your own business. Make it work for you rather than someone else.

    I’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate for about 4 months now and only just getting into the swing of writing quality content. The rest of the course so far I’ve found very straightforward, so I can only imagine you’ll find this a breeze to operate.

    It all takes a bit of time to achieve high rankings with the like’s of Google, just imagine where you’ll be in a years time.

    Good luck and all the best, you deserve it,

    1. Thank you, Simon. I have found so much information that is simply not available anywhere else. I appreciate your words and would like your comments, going forward, as well as anyn assistance down the road that I hope we can travel together.


  4. Hi Mickey,
    I love your domain name! Lol it’s funny and easy to remember 🙂
    You have o much experience already since you’ve been doing stuff on internet all by yourself.
    At least you can write whenever you want!!! That’s great! You have what is mostly needed and all the other tools are right there in the WA!

    I believe that all the years you have spent making some work online will pay themselves off now hen you have found the right place to get rid of boss!

    Much success to you 🙂

    1. Thank You for your kind words. I hope I can live up to them!

      I have found that by writing about so many things, I get a college degree in many things as well as finding out how to help people.\

  5. Hello and thanks for sharing, I to would one day soon love to work for myself but I know that inorder for that to happen I must commit,commit, commit. Being and affiliate marketer is very rewarding once you do your homework right and put in the time . Thanks again for sharing, your website is welled detailed, have a good day.

  6. You cannot go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate. I know from experience. I had searched for years and everything clicked once I found WA! Very nice article, Mickey.

  7. Hey, Mickey
    It is great to have you on board. With the level of life experience, I am sure you are ready to “fire your boss” and help others do the same.
    Good luck in everything you do. I wish you only the best.

  8. Nice website! I love that title “It’s time to fire your boss!” That would be my dream true! For the longest time I’ve been looking for ways to make money online, and all I found were scams. They were just “pyramid schemes”. I kept seeing websites where people hold wads of cash, drive an expensive car, live in a mansion, or go on some luxury cruise. Then, of course, they wanted some “start-up fee”. No way! I am slowly but surely getting my online money making going, by freelance writing and running an e-store. Hopefully, in the near future, my affiliate marketing will kick in. I am also with Wealthy Affiliate, and I found it to be a great community. The members are great at helping each other out.

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